Nicole BraunProfessional Photographer

Photography is passion....

For me, photography means communicating in pictures. Here I try to express what one can't put in words. Beauty, elegance, glory, grace, but also ugliness, arrogance and provocation are part of my photographs. Capturing your being is my challenge. And not only with professional skill – but also with the courage to use extraordinary ideas and locations as well as an extravagant styling. No matter which kind of images you would like to possess – with you and for you, I will carve out a personal concept which underlines your individuality.

Your Agency Braun

About me

Your personality is top priority, both as a celebrity and in private! My focus lies on the collaboration with actors/actresses – agencies – designers – public figures – and fashion photography in all its facets.

Should you be interested, please feel free to contact me at 0049-3025-0910-01 or send me an e-mail at info (at) with your wishes and ideas. I'd be delighted to clarify further details in a personal meeting.